Wednesday, 6 February 2013

David Jones 2013 Autumn/Winter Launch Makeup Break Down

So today marks the launch of David Jones' Autumn/Winter line in Sydney. Now While, I'm no fashion aficionado, and I'll reserve my judgement on the garments until later, what I do know is makeup. 

First let me say, that I love these face charts! They are beautiful, very detailed, comprehensive and the artist should be delighted with end result. 

And while I do love Napoleon Perdis's work, and I envy my fellow makeup artists and their amazing work at fashion week and event such as this, I find that the looks produced, however suitable for the fashion line they were produced for, I found them a little plain. But that's just because I love color. 

Miranda Kerr, Samantha Harris and a host of modela rehearse for tonight's show. Picture: Szilvasi Attila Source:
Look at the women in the picture above, all gorgeous, with flawless makeup, the contouring and shades of eyes shadow are beautiful... But I would've loved to see some more vibrant lip color at the very least, maybe a Berry Lip stain etc. 

Mirranda Kerr
I look at Miranda Kerr's Gorgeous face, and I think, well, it doesn't need makeup anyway, because well, she's flawless. 

Then again, when I look at this terrible print, I think, hmm perhaps some bright and beautiful makeup would distract from the print. 

Napoleon, I just think, that perhaps next time, you should amp in up a bit! Eldiese your models! If you need any tips, come and see me. 

So that's my two cents. 

Until next time. 



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