Sunday, 24 February 2013

Trend Alert: Sci-chedelic Makeup

Makeup Artist Pat McGrath Reveals Exclusive Images of Dior Spring 2013 Runway Makeup

this is a headline that I pay attention too! The images she released, were of course as fabulous as one would expect and, I am happy to announce, extremely bright! 

Pat McGrath's design. Swoon!
Along with Pat's design, my day was made even happier upon the discovery of these images from MAC. 

I was slightly disappointed when reading the fashion report I was reading said that these looks aren't an everyday look! I was appalled! SoI live in Melbourne, and while not everyone walks the streets with makeup so flamboyant, I and my fellow creatives, often find myself strolling through the city with many colours and all manner of adhesive sparkly objects stuck to my face. 

Be an individual and embrace it!

I am loving this Sci-chedelic look! Basically, if it looks a little futuristic or alien, you've got it! So it allows so much freedom of creativity! You can use what ever colours you live, whatever objects, do your eyebrows however you wish... Be creative!

So get out there! grab your coloured palettes and be as creative as you dare!



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