Saturday, 12 May 2012

Theatre of the Nameless

Hey Guys!!!

Ok, so have you seen Illamasqua and their collections? Recently, I was stalking their website HERE
and came across their Theatre of the Nameless look....
specifically this look:

The Theatre of the Nameless collection is amazing, I didn’t think it could get much better after Toxic Nature but well yep they did it again. Once again the imagery for the collection is exquisite and I urge you to click through to the website and have a look at the pictures yourself. But here's a little look-see.

  • cream pigment: Androgen (coral) and Depravity (magenta);
  • pure pigment: Zeitgeist (black shimmer), Beguile (light shimmer) and Berber (auburn shimmer);
  • precision ink: Havoc;
  • nail polish: Taint (stone brown), Kink (bottle green), Vice (deep cerise) and Faux Pas (blue violet);
  • shimmer blusher: Ambition (neutral) and Morale (rosed flush);
  • lipgloss: Façade (grey pink), Belladonna (deep pink) and Sheer Lipgloss Violate (dark green shimmer);
  • lipstick: Kontrol (blue violet);
  • false eye lashes: Grandeur and Weimar.

So I sat myself down and came up with my own adaptation of the look!! Please keep in mind that I did not have the privilege of using the Theatre of the Nameless range to complete this look, as it was 3am and the shops weren't open. 

this is what I came up with... 

So I did a V-Log so you can learn how I did this look.
And here are the products that I used....

The products used for brow blocking are listed below:

Scar wax can be bought here

Spirit Gum can be purchased Here

Spirit Gum remover can be purchased here

On the lips I used:

Eye Ink:
Which can be purchased here at Gorgeous Cosmetics. 
This is by far my favorite eyeliner! It is smooth and long lasting. 

Ben Nye  Eyeshadow in Jade

Can be purchased  Here
Lumiere 12 colour palette from Ben Nye vibrant colours are pre-set in a professional metal palette. Colours: Ice Aztec Gold Silver Azalea Cosmic Blue Sun Yellow Ice Gold Tangerine Chartreuse Jade Amethyst Cosmic Violet

So you can see stills from the look at the Colour of Bordeom and 3am on Eldiese (MUA)'s facebook page

and you can see the video Here

See you next time!

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