Saturday, 26 May 2012

Being Sexy in the 21st Century

Photographer: Adam Bell-Ghijben
MUAH: Eldiese
Model: Eden

I was meandering along Brunswick St (Melbourne) a few days ago, and I happened upon an interesting conversaion... walking infront of me, were two reasonably attractive females (well reasonablly atrractive to me, but we'll get to that later) who were discussing just that, heir atractiveness. 

The first woman (at biggest a size 14) was complaining tha her thighs were too big, and the second, a woman with the most amazing legs I have ever seen, was complaining that she wasn't sexy enoough to attract attention from the oposite sex... and then proceeded to explain to her friend that that was why she wore low cut tops. My judgement of these two females was cut short after this last comment, as I realised that I too, had been guilty of getting the girls out for the boys just to get a satisfactory glance on a firday night, I mean hell, I live my weekends in steel boned corsets. However as she and her friend began comparing aspects of their physical appearance that were the least sexy, I thought, "There aare people in the world with all kins of kinky and extravigant fetishes for the weird and wonderful, so how is it, that the two of you have never found someone who believes that you are sexy? And on that note, who decides what's sexy? And does it differe from person to person?"

To answer my questions, I turned to my friends, facebook and fetlife. I posed the question, "Who is your sex symbol and Why? and What do you find Sexy? 

And what did I discover from the World Wide Web? I discovered, not only is Marilyn Monroe the No.1 sex symbol out there, but that everyone, everyone had a different opinion of what was sexy. Whether it was a physical trait or personality trait, not one person answered in the same way. Answers included:

confidence tattoos curves eyes breasts  short hair good sense of humor
modesty      Smile flexibility intelligence      caring    honesty smell   age feet 
height  skin colour booty accents weight dirty talk   peircings   kink  cooking 

So long story short... stop comparing yourself to other women, I know its hard... and I do it as well, back stage at a show, commenting on the other performers and their bodies... but we have to stop! 

You are beautiful!!! believe it! Own it!



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