Sunday, 29 April 2012

Rites of Passage Tattoo Convention & The Bad Ladies
Hey Guys!!! 

So this weekend I spent an amazing few days at the Rites of Passage Tattoo Convention!!! 
Rites is a three day arts, tattoo and music festival with a focus on tattoo history & culture held at the Royal Exhibition Building Carlton Gardens Melbourne. And is your chance to see or be tattooed by some of the worlds respected, renowned and up-and-coming tattooists who show cased their artwork on living canvas.

I was there as a member of the Bad Ladies, selling sexy items of clothing and rockabilly wear!!! In case your interested in coming and see me perform, I go under the name The Matron

The Bad Ladies were started by the Headmistress Kitty Rock in the early 2000′s The Bad Ladies Agency is Australia’s Leading agency housing artists,musicians, actress’, burlesque & vaudeville performers, dancers, circus performers, designers, costume makers, photographers, make-up artists, stylists, producers & promoters. 

But my role there was, of course, makeup related!!!

I was there to provide my makeup services to  the lovely Bad Ladies, as well as  the clients of the  Boudoir.   I lost count of how many photoshoots we did. but the makeup was cute and rockabilly  themed and I had so much fun!

The Boudoir  provides all hair, make up, styling & full costume that been designed individually to suit you for your memorable, exciting and fun photo shoot!  The Boudoir houses Artists, Actresses, Alternative Models, Burlesque Performers, Circus Freaks, Dancers, Designers, Drag, Graffiti Artists, Promoters, Producers, Photographers & Musicians.

The highlight  of  my weekend, was by far, meeting Bonnie... a fan of my work, who I had never met before, but she recognized me!!!!  it was amazing, experiencing my own mini celeb moment! :P

And a big shout out to Sway Darling  who  taught me the most lady like way to  pick a wedgey  in public! :P

Here are a few behind the scenes shots with me and the gorgeous Bad Ladies!!!

Me (Eldiese (MUA)) with the Gorgeous Faye Fatal

The Gorgeous Sway Darling and Cassie Harding (what you cant see are Sway's Purple lips!!!)

a little head dress fun with The Matron (Eldiese), Bambi Lipschitz and Harry Golightly

Make sure you come to a show and see the Bad Ladies and introduce yourself to me!!!

Its well worth it, even when I'm not there! :P Not only are the Bad Ladies individually totally unique and beautiful in their own way, put us all together and you have a group of confident, sexy women!!! I modelled in a mini Boudoir shoot yesterday WITH NO TOP ON! and I would never have been comfortable enough with myself to do something like that if it had not been for the Bad Ladies. The instant acceptance and love from each of them makes me so much more confident and happy. 

We are amazing women, come and see us sometime!


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