Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The colour of boredom and 3 am

Ok, so for those of you who are new to me... aka Eldiese...
I have a youtube channel (ByEldiese) and my show is called 
the colour of boredom and 3am...
My first design posted on my chanel (My too-can sam look)
Yes, this is also a place that you can check into of facebook.

So here's the low down on The Colour of Boredom and 3am...
1. I find that I am definitely a night person, I am my most creative at around 3am... and everything seems hat little bit more hilarious. I actually came up with the name for the show, afer a long a sleep deprived night shift. (hence my point)

2. I made it a place that everyone can check into, because I believe that everyone has that time of the day (whether your a night person or a day person, or god forbid and morning person) during which you are most creative, and I want to see how many people get their creative on! so make sure when your feeling your most creative, you check in!!!

So , I try and post my videos everyweek, (works a bitch) but i'll do my best. the videos may vary from rants, makeup tutorials to behind the scenes action at shoots!!!

So make sure you subscribe to my chanel!!!


So, my facebook page is:


ELdiese (MUA)

Eldiese... Contemporary, artistic and truly unique.

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