Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Juggling Act

Wake up, Morning shift at the hospital, gym, makeup experiment, work on column, shower, make lunch for tomorrow, dinner, bed. Wake up, gym, afternoon shift at the hospital, burlesque performance, drinking, stumbling, bed. Wake up, Hungover, (on call at the hospital) work on column, makeup lesson, photo shoot, dinner with friends, home, bed. 

This is my life, it is constant, and never ending, don't get me wrong, its amazing, fun and exciting!

I am constantly asked "how do you fit it all in Eldiese?" This question is referring to my lifestyle, my extra curricular activities. My usually response "I don't sleep". 

Let me give you the run down of my life... I am a full time Scrub Nurse (meaning that I assist surgeons and help operate),  I am, of course, a makeup artist, I am writing a column for a Women's Fashion Art Magazine, I am constantly trying to develop, experiment and play around with my looks, as well as giving makeup lessons... I am a busy woman.

I am also studying this year, photography courses, writing courses, photo-shop courses, makeup seminars, i want to better myself always, educate myself, learn off my superiors and my peers. 

So my life is crazy! But I maintain that a healthy level of sleep deprivation is essential for my crazy creativeness! 

So i became the queen of juggling to cope with the life I lead, I'm sure I poss a lot of people off at work, particularly because I swap a lot of shifts, and am  constantly running out the door of a shoot, or the gym, or the hospital in order to get where I need to be next. 

Sometimes I don't see my housemates for days on end, weeks sometimes, I miss out on a lot of events, because I straddle two worlds... on the days that my colleagues have parties and dinners, ninety percent of the time i have a photo-shoot, or other commitments, I miss things,  I cant fly home to go to events that I want too attend, because I have to work or do makeup, or I simply cant afford it because a client hasn't paid me, or because I needed new makeup supplies. So I guess there is a sacrifice for the amazing life that I lead... I miss things. 

But you know what? With all the events that I miss, the in jokes that I'm not in on, the people that I piss off or disappoint... I wouldn't change my life for the world, because I am Eldiese, I love my life, the people, the color, the excitement. I love it all. 

So I became the Queen of Juggling. 

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