Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Lives and Loves of Eldiese

Witney, Sammy and Sammy... My models from Carpe Noctum

Hello my muses, 

So this week i thought we'd get back down to the nitty gritty of what makes Eldieseme... The Makeup!

This week has been one of those amazing weeks where I have felt as thought all of my dreams have come true... so lets break it down to the best bits!

Monday was a shoot with the lovely Kate (Rocket)... if you'v come to see her perform, you will know that rocket is very classy and classic pinup and not at all into tacky or over the top... so she came to me with a fabulous concept and inspiration image, classic, beautiful and very her. Below is one of the behind the scenes shots... I have laid eyes on the raw images... and we are waiting with baited breath for the final images!!! 

Model: Rocket
MUA: Eldiese

So Kate rocks up to my house with a 1 kilo bag of MILK POWDER and we went to town on my bath tub! I made her up classic Pinup style... and Simone Sherrydan Snapped away like the fabulous photographer she is! This whole experience was made slightly scandalous by the appearance of Kate's nipples! (gasp)!

Watch this space for the final images!!! I can's wait to share them with you!!!

Friday was one hell of a day! Not only was I carrying around, quite possibly the worst hangover of my life, but I was hecticly busy, the Makeup portion began at 7pm... with the apperance of the Bad Ladies, one; Miss Deviant (Lissy), Sinister Rouge (Dayle) and Miss Scoprion (Vicki). "Oh, just another Burlesque performance" you say... Ha! Um... No! This was no mere Burlesque night! Not only were the girls going to perform (wearing my makeup!) at Abode, one of Melbournes most fabulous underground fetish clubs, but they were wearing the most amazing collection of latex garments deisnged by my friend Amanda from Deer Couture!

The beautiful Miss Deviant and me. 
Running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and doing the girls makeup in quite possibly the worst lighting ever, I juggle, makeup, hair, a troupe meeting AND performing. Once their makeup and hair was done the girls left me to perform in my own burlesque show, and headed to the venue to rehearse, where I would later join them with my fabulous assistant Eevie La Volpe (Erin). The involvement of so many talented Melbourne Locals was capped off by (causing of my own personal joygasm) the involement of Matchless Snapshots (Rachel), the beautifully talented photographer, who not only took many a photograph upstairs in the members only area, but also of the girls performing.... so I cannot wait to see how they turn out! 

Friday night was fantastic, kinky and a little naughty... and I loved every minute of it!!! so much so, that I found myself dragging my poor sorry arse home at three in the morning, with Friday's hangover long forgotten.

But it didnt end there!

By far the best and most exciting part of my weekend was Fiend Fest! More specifically, Carpe Noctum!

The idea behind Fiend Fest, besides raising hell, was to create a unique festival, encompassing all the best bits of the fashion, art and music worlds. And so it did.
Carpe Noctum and the Black Market were by far my favorite part of the the festival! Not only were the items of clothing and accessories unfucking believably creative and unique... but walking around...  Im looking at the posters and advertising paraphernalia thinking... oh my god, I did that makeup, and that makeup... it was fantastic! Needless to say, I spent way to much money... but in my defense, i bought the most amazing feathered black PVC arm guard from LeLash and a gorgeous turquoise feathered fascinator from DuskMoth at great discounts, so I can justify my purchases. 

My new arm bling from LeLash

So anyway, my purpose in attending Carpe, was to of course do makeup. The gorgeous models who got Eldiesed were those modelling the designs of Miss Porcelain Pinx (Bec) from Zombified Cupcake Boutique. Zombified Cupcake Boutique's designs are the perfect mix of Lolita and Girly goodness with a hint of sexy thrown in for good measure. Bec, the creative genius behind the label, and I have worked together a few times now, and I love her, because she gets me! My brief was edgy cute... so that's what I did, in the black market... with all the patrons watching me. 

Walking back stage where everyone was mingling, hair spray flying everywhere, makeup, clothes, nervous models, even more nervous designers it was amazing... I was straight into 'Eldiese Mode' chatting, hugging, kissing, networking, more chatting, brain storming, talks of collaboration... I loved it! The creativity, my friends, my peers, a room full of people that I admire and want to work with and vice versa.... the energy was just unbelievable. 

So I'v thrown in a few behind the scenes, and on the runway pics... 

The sexy dolly Sammy Sif Elise

The Gorgeous Dummy Whitney Duff

Me, Bec, and the girls!

I must admit, I had a little bit of a sentimental moment, when I was watching the girls walk the runway, being a back seat rebel with some of the best and most creative minds in my world including Mad DameVladimir S. Barski and Sillouhette D'Amoure and thinking about how much my life is exactly where I want it to be right now, and its only just beginning!

Oh, and one more thing happened this week...

I HAD MY FIRST PUBLICATION!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I was published in Illusion magazine! Yup! My Medusa piece was chosen for publication!!! So a HUGE thank-you to my splendifurous photographer AdamMiss Medusa herself Megan, and my ever useful assistants Sammy and Dan... who helped me and put up with my insane sleep deprived mood swings during and after the shoot. 

So in celebration of all the fabulousness that's happened this week... and just in general... I bought myself a present....

So, now you have no excuse for not knowing who I am... because its around my neck. 



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